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ohyay Sample Rooms

ohyay is a powerful design platform that enables anyone to create real-time, interactive virtual experiences. Below are some images and descriptions of sample rooms in ohyay. Don't hesitate to take a self-guided tour of my sample event space on ohyay itself!

CleanShot 2022-06-08 at 16.47.22_2x.png

Speed Dating

More than just dating, the same method can be used for icebreaker or networking events in small groups with custom questions and an interactive shuffle button. 

Interactive Karaoke

It's certainly not the only interactive after-hours option, but it is one of the most popular! Featuring a song chooser and draggable props, you can bring your event's favorite wrap=up event to your home. 

karaoke sample.png
run of show sample.png
run of show sample.png

Custom Cue to Cue

Virtual events can be so much more than talking heads in boxes. Using custom-built actions and cue buttons, ohyay lets event runners and tech producers control every element of the space, from what rooms people can see and join to the volume of a specific speaker. No more accidental interruptions or lost time waiting to "pin" someones video feed!  

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