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How to Get NewBlueFX Titler Pro 6.0.171030 Ultimate for Free with Serial Key

NewBlueFX Titler Pro: A Powerful Video Title Design Software

If you are looking for a software that can help you create professional-looking titles and graphics for your videos, you might want to check out NewBlueFX Titler Pro. This software is designed to make it easy and fast to create elegant 2D and 3D titles, as well as 3D motion graphics and animations. Whether you need a simple lower third, a stunning intro, or a complex title sequence, NewBlueFX Titler Pro can handle it all. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and how-to of this amazing software.


Features of NewBlueFX Titler Pro

NewBlueFX Titler Pro is packed with tools and options that allow you to create stunning titles in minutes. Here are some of the main features of this software:

2D and 3D titles and graphics

With NewBlueFX Titler Pro, you can create both 2D and 3D titles and graphics with ease. You can choose from hundreds of built-in styles and templates, or create your own design from scratch with the Title Designer. You can also add depth, texture, lighting, shadows, bevels, and more to your titles with the 3D engine.

Hundreds of built-in templates and effects

If you need some inspiration or want to save time, you can use one of the over 200 templates that come with NewBlueFX Titler Pro. These templates cover various genres, themes, and styles, such as sports, news, documentaries, weddings, etc. You can also apply one of the many effects and transitions that are included in the software, such as blur, glow, gradient, shatter, etc.

Resolution independent and customizable

NewBlueFX Titler Pro is resolution independent, which means you can work with any video format, from SD to HD to 4K or even 8K. You can also customize every aspect of your titles, such as font, color, size, position, alignment, rotation, etc. You can also use keyframes to animate your titles and control their timing and speed.

Integrated multi-title management system

One of the most convenient features of NewBlueFX Titler Pro is the integrated multi-title management system. This system allows you to manage all your titles in one place, without having to switch between different windows or applications. You can easily edit, duplicate, delete, or export your titles from the interface. You can also organize your titles into groups or collections for easier access.

Presets and animations for dynamic titles

If you want to add some motion and energy to your titles, you can use one of the presets or animations that are available in NewBlueFX Titler Pro. These presets and animations allow you to create dynamic titles with just a few clicks. You can choose from still mode, scroll mode, crawl mode, or zoom mode. You can also adjust the speed, direction, duration, delay, etc. of your animations.

How to Download and Install NewBlueFX Titler Pro

If you are interested in trying out NewBlueFX Titler Pro for yourself, here are the steps you need to follow:

System requirements and supported hosts

Before you download NewBlueFX Titler Pro, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements for the software. Here are the system requirements for Windows users:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10

  • Processor: Recent Nvidia or AMD GPU

  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

  • Disk space: 1 GB or more

NewBlueFX Titler Pro also supports various video editing hosts, such as:

  • Avid Media Composer

  • Adobe Premiere CC

  • Grass Valley EDIUS

  • HitFilm Pro

  • Adobe After Effects CC

  • MAGIX Vegas Pro

  • DaVinci Resolve

Download links and instructions

To download NewBlueFX Titler Pro for Windows users,

  • Go to this link:

  • Click on the green "Direct Download" button.

  • The download will start automatically.

  • The file size is about 517 MB.

  • The file name is "".

  • Save the file to your preferred location.

Activation methods and crack options

To install and activate NewBlueFX Titler Pro for Windows users,

  • Turn off your internet connection.

  • Turn off your antivirus or firewall.

  • Extract the zip file using WinRAR or any other software.

  • Run the setup file as administrator.

  • The setup file name is "NewBlueTitlerPro6Ultimate.exe".

  • The installation will start automatically.

  • No further activation or cracking is needed.

  • The software is pre-activated.

  • You can also use other crack options if you want.

  • You can find them in the "Crack" folder inside the zip file.

  • The crack options are "Keygen", "Patch", "Serial Key", etc.

  • You can use them according to the instructions provided in each file.

  • After installation and activation,

  • You can turn on your internet connection again.

  • You can also turn on your antivirus or firewall again.

  • You should also block the software from accessing the internet using your firewall settings.

  • This will prevent any updates or license checks that might affect your activation status.

How to Use NewBlueFX Titler Pro

Now that you have downloaded and installed NewBlueFX Titler Pro on your system,You are ready to start creating amazing titles for your videos. Here are some basic steps to help you get started:

Basic steps to create a title

To create a title using NewBlueFX Titler Pro,

  • - Launch your video editing host (such as Adobe Premiere CC) - Import your video clip into the timeline - Go to the Effects panel - Find NewBlue Titler Pro under Video Effects - Drag and drop it onto your video clip - Go to the Effect Controls panel - Click on Launch UI - This will open a new window with NewBlue Titler Pro interface - Click on Add Title OnAir Collection,

  • PrimeTime Collection,

  • Reflections Collection,

  • Style Collection,

  • Titler Pro 6 Ultimate Host List

  • How much does NewBlueFX Titler Pro cost?

NewBlueFX Titler Pro has different pricing options depending on the version and the license type. Here are the current prices as of May 2023:


License Type


NewBlueFX Titler Pro



NewBlueFX Titler Pro Plus



NewBlueFX Titler Pro Elite



NewBlueFX Titler Pro Ultimate



NewBlueFX Titler Pro 365

Subscription (Monthly)


NewBlueFX Titler Pro 365

Subscription (Annual)

$239.40/year ($19.95/month)

NewBlueFX Titler Live 4 Broadcast



  • Is NewBlueFX Titler Pro safe to download and use?

NewBlueFX Titler Pro is a safe and legitimate software that is used by many professional video editors and producers. However, you should always download it from the official website or a trusted source to avoid any malware or viruses. You should also scan your system with an antivirus software before and after installing the software. You should also be careful when using crack options or activation methods that are not authorized by the software developer. These may harm your system or compromise your security.

  • What are some alternatives to NewBlueFX Titler Pro?

If you are looking for other software that can help you create titles and graphics for your videos, you may want to check out these alternatives:

  • Boris FX Continuum Title Studio: A powerful 2D and 3D title design and animation tool that integrates with various video editing hosts.

  • Red Giant Universe: A collection of over 80 plugins and presets that offer various effects and transitions for titles and graphics.

  • Adobe After Effects: A comprehensive motion graphics and visual effects software that allows you to create complex titles and animations.

  • How can I contact NewBlueFX for support or feedback?

If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions regarding NewBlueFX Titler Pro, you can contact NewBlueFX through these channels:

  • Email:

  • Phone: +1 (805) 719-9000 (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM PST)

  • Website:

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn,


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