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D12 Devils Night Zip

On April 11, 2006, Proof was in a nightclub in Detroit, playing pool with Keith Bender when a verbal dispute occurred, which resulted in Bender whacking Proof with a pool cue, causing a brawl between the two. Proof then fired a warning shot in the air. Mario Ethridge responded back by firing at Proof, who also fell back blasting unexpectedly at Bender, killing the two as a result. No one was charged for the homicide. His murder not only occurred two months after the February death of fellow Detroit native J Dilla, but it also deteriorated all of the members of D12. Even worse, it impacted Eminem by heart, who at the time, was also going through a short-lived marriage vow renewal with his ex-wife, Kim. After news of their friend's death began to hit home, Bizarre and Swift respected his legacy by attending his funeral, but Eminem fueled his sleeping pill addiction soon after. Mr. Porter broke apart and replaced Proof as Eminem's hype man. Without Proof, D12 began to suffer as a group. Surviving members managed to maintain careers on their own, while Eminem skewed away musically, hence breaking his affiliation with the crew.

D12 Devils Night Zip

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