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JUJUTSU KAISEN - Opening 2 Vivid Vice

An editor of Billboard Japan commented that the album is based on the fact that it has firmly exceeded the "expectations" impossible to avoid in a work like this, "the main characters who grow through the fights with curses, pass their obstacles and 'Vivid Vice', which was raised and mixed with the lyrics and sound image of the song, did not disappoint the viewers who were fascinated by the vision of the anime world."[3] Animage says, "While there are phrases close to anxiety, such as 'these choices seem like traps' and 'I won't go back,' there are also strong phrases such as 'I can't stop' and 'becomes aggressive'. However, it casts a shadow on the listener's heart for a moment. A mournful guitar sound, uplifting drums, bass and lyrics that squeeze the shape of the heart overlap with the vivid animation of Jujutsu Kaisen, we also see 'wounds' in ourselves. I think this worldview is the great appeal of 'Vivid Vice'."[4] Funplus Music said, "The most important characteristic of this song is that it has various conflicts, as symbolized by the title 'Vivid Vice', which is a combination of the words 'vivid' and 'vice'. While the drums seem to carry on, the bass plays serious lyrical melodies and the guitar skillfully uses the tones of each verse delicately to express the mental landscape of the song. While each expression is different, the balance is the lifestyle of youth, where anxiety, anger, hope, sadness and joy keep moving forward as they continue to be confused."[5]

JUJUTSU KAISEN - Opening 2 | Vivid Vice



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