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Sweet Tooth Mp3

A sweet tooth not only gets in the way of successful weight loss or weight maintenance, but it is also a threat to health. Sweets are empty calories that do little for our bodies nutritionally. Sure, cookies, cakes and candy taste good, but if you crave them and eat them in excess, your health and weight are likely to suffer the consequences.

Sweet Tooth mp3

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Perhaps you want to eliminate or cut down on sweets but your cravings are so strong that you just have not found a way to do it. One thing you can do is focus on eating healthy (a positive) instead of eliminating sweets (a negative). If you learn to enjoy healthy foods more, your need for unhealthy sweets will diminish.

Types of CandyYou can buy candy at a candy shop or a sweet shop or a corner store or a grocery store. You can also raid the bulk food section or a booth at a market to get your sugar fix. 041b061a72


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