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Lois Duncan I Know What You Did Last Summer Epub Download HOT!

the group makes a secret pact to bury the memory of that night and never speak of it again, but when one of the girls receives a note that reads i know what you did last summer, their dark lie is unearthed. with twists and turns at every corner, they'll have to fight to stay steps ahead of a killer determined to make them pay.

lois duncan i know what you did last summer epub download

lois duncan is the author of more than a dozen thrillers (including i know what you did last summer and who can save us now), including the frightening eliza potter series (my sweet evil, my sweet silence, and who's sleeping next to me?), the roberts family series (the body in the trunk, the body in the closet, and number twelve, crescent lane), the cassie edwards and henry dangerfield series (the black book, the key, the game, the keep, and the final cut), the books of the city series (books of the city, books of the hill, and books of the water), and the bellamores and townsend series (the dark summer, the burning spring, and the edge of night). she is a past president of sisters in crime (, an international organization that promotes women crime writers and advocates for a crime writing community. she lives with her husband on maui, where she works as a full-time writer and creates award-winning schoolyard books in addition to her numerous novels. for more information, log on to .

here is a quick description and cover image of book the dark summer written by lois duncan which was published in 1987-12-1. you can read this before the dark summer pdf epub full download at the bottom. cassie dangerfield was never popular at school, and now that she is 16, she is even less popular. when a friend and classmate is almost kidnapped, cassie finds herself entangled in a scheme she has no idea how to escape, and as she loses herself more and more in the intrigue, she also loses herself in love.


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