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Changed-OST Free Download

Changed-OST Free Download

Changed is a popular indie game that features a furry protagonist who tries to escape from a mysterious tower full of hostile creatures that can transform him into one of them. The game has a unique pixel art style and a captivating soundtrack composed by ShiZi, a Chinese musician. If you are a fan of Changed and want to enjoy its music anytime, anywhere, you might be interested in downloading the Changed-OST for free.

Download File:

The Changed-OST is an official downloadable content for the game that includes high-definition original tracks of Changed and BGM not included by the game's composer ShiZi. The OST contains 25 tracks that cover various themes and moods of the game, such as the tense chase scenes, the serene home of Puro, the mysterious laboratory, and the epic finale. The OST also features two bonus tracks: Cruel Truth and Birthday Song, which are related to the game's secrets and endings.

The Changed-OST is available on Steam for $1.99, but you can also find some ways to download it for free online. One of the easiest methods is to use a YouTube downloader tool that can convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. You can find many videos on YouTube that contain the full OST or individual tracks of Changed, such as [this one] or [this one]. You can copy the URL of the video you want and paste it into the YouTube downloader tool, then choose the format and quality you prefer, and click download. You will get an MP3 file that you can save on your device and listen to offline.

Another method is to use a torrent client that can download files from peer-to-peer networks. You can find many torrent sites that offer the Changed-OST for free, such as [this one] or [this one]. You can download the torrent file or copy the magnet link of the OST you want and open it with your torrent client, then choose the destination folder and start downloading. You will get a ZIP or RAR file that contains the OST tracks in MP3 or WAV format. You will need to extract the file using a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip before you can listen to them.

However, before you decide to download the Changed-OST for free, you should be aware of some risks and drawbacks. First of all, downloading the OST for free is illegal and violates the intellectual property rights of the game developer and composer. You might face legal consequences if you are caught doing so. Second, downloading the OST for free might harm your device or compromise your security. Some YouTube downloader tools or torrent sites might contain malware, viruses, or spyware that can infect your device or steal your personal information. Third, downloading the OST for free might reduce the quality or authenticity of the music. Some YouTube videos or torrent files might have low-quality audio, missing tracks, or altered names or tags. You might not get the same experience as listening to the official OST.

Therefore, if you want to support the game developer and composer, enjoy the best quality and originality of the music, and avoid any legal or technical issues, you should consider buying the Changed-OST from Steam instead of downloading it for free. The OST is not very expensive and it is worth every penny. You will also get access to some extra features, such as Steam achievements, Steam cloud support, and Steam trading cards. You will also be able to play the OST directly from Steam without needing any other software or device.

In conclusion, Changed-OST is a great addition to the game that enhances its atmosphere and immersion. You can download it for free using some online tools or sites, but you should be careful of the risks and drawbacks involved. Alternatively, you can buy it from Steam for a reasonable price and enjoy its benefits and features. Either way, you will surely appreciate the music of Changed and its talented composer ShiZi.


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