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Lost Claim Stub For Prc License Renewal

Lost Claim Stub For Prc License Renewal

If you are a licensed professional in the Philippines, you need to renew your Professional Identification Card (PIC) every three years. The PIC serves as your proof of registration and license to practice your profession. It also contains important information such as your name, profession, license number, and expiration date.

To renew your PIC, you need to apply online through the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS) portal. You will need to fill out an application form, upload a passport-sized photo, pay the renewal fee, and print the application form with the claim stub. The claim stub indicates the date and window number where you can claim your new PIC at the PRC office of your choice.


But what if you lose your claim stub before you can claim your new PIC? Don't worry, you can still get your PIC without it. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log in to LERIS. Go to [the LERIS portal] using a computer with a good internet connection. Enter your email address and password to log in to your account.

  • Select Transaction. On the right side of the page, click the large blue SELECT TRANSACTION button. Choose RENEWAL from the drop-down menu and click PROCEED.

  • Select the PRC Office. Choose the PRC office where you want to claim your new PIC. You can also select a preferred date of appointment if available. Click PROCEED.

  • Pay the Duplicate Fee. Since you lost your claim stub, you need to pay an additional fee of PHP 75 for a duplicate copy. You can pay online using various payment channels such as credit card, debit card, GCash, PayMaya, or BancNet. You will receive a confirmation email with your payment reference number once your payment is successful.

  • Print the Application Form. After paying the duplicate fee, you can print your application form with the new claim stub. You will need this document when you go to the PRC office to claim your new PIC.

  • Go to the PRC Office. On your scheduled appointment date, go to the PRC office where you applied for renewal. Bring your printed application form with the new claim stub, your old PIC, and a valid ID. Present these documents at the designated window and wait for your name to be called. Once your new PIC is ready, check it for any errors or discrepancies before leaving the PRC office.

That's it! You have successfully renewed and claimed your new PIC even without your original claim stub. Just make sure to keep it safe and secure until your next renewal.

For more information about PRC ID renewal, you can visit [the PRC website] or contact them through their hotline numbers or email addresses.


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