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The Ultimate Guide to The Steel Detailer: A Structural Design and Detailing Addon for Solidworks

The Steel Detailer Solidworks Download Crack: What You Need to Know

If you are a Solidworks designer who works on structural projects, you might have heard of The Steel Detailer, a powerful add-on that can automate and simplify your modeling and detailing process. But what is The Steel Detailer exactly, and how can you get it? And should you download a cracked version of it or not? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, so you can make an informed decision.

the steel detailer solidworks download crack

Download Zip:

What is The Steel Detailer?

The Steel Detailer is a Gold Partnered Structural Design and Detailing Addon to SOLIDWORKS . Customers from all around the world use The Steel Detailer to complete structural projects in the building and construction, mining and oil & gas industries. The Steel Detailer is designed and used by Quadro Design Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia.

Some of the features and benefits of The Steel Detailer are:

  • Automated Filing: You can easily create and manage your project folders and files with predefined templates.

  • Automated Bolted and Cutting Connections: You can quickly insert standard or custom connections between structural members with automatic cutouts.

  • Automated Detailing: You can generate detailed drawings with annotations, dimensions, labels, bills of materials, weld symbols, etc. with one click.

  • Automated Project Creation: You can create new projects with predefined settings and parameters in minutes.

  • Library Management: You can access and manage a large library of structural components, such as beams, columns, plates, bolts, etc.

  • Automated BOM: You can create accurate bills of materials for your projects with automatic updates.

  • Automated Consolidation of Components: You can optimize your material usage by consolidating identical components into one part number.

  • Batch Document Processes: You can perform multiple document operations at once, such as revisions, pdf, dxf, dwg conversions, etc.

How The Steel Detailer can speed up your Solidworks experience

To demonstrate how The Steel Detailer can improve your Solidworks experience, let's look at a case study that compares the time required to complete a structural project with and without The Steel Detailer.

The project consists of designing and detailing a conveyor gantry for a mining site. It involves modeling 120 beams, 60 plates, 240 bolts, 120 connections, 12 drawings, 12 pdfs, 12 dxfs, 12 dwgs, 1 BOM table.

Without The Steel Detailer, it took 25 hours to complete the project. With The Steel Detailer, it took only 5 hours. That's a 5 times faster performance!

Here is a breakdown of the time saved by using The Steel Detailer:

TaskWithout TSD (hours)With TSD (hours)Time Saved (hours)





This case study shows that using The Steel Detailer can significantly reduce your modeling and detailing time,


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